ffxivtips : Global War Closed Beta Test Rolls out November 18th

ffxivtips : Global War Closed Beta Test Rolls out November 18th

GameGo, a new publisher from Asia, has announced to accept beta applications for its upcoming free-to-play RTS game Global War which will start beta test on Nov 18th.
Global War is a browser – based MMORTS with 2.5D graphics. The game brings you back to the fiercest and cruelest war in human history – WWII. It has simulated and reconstructed the true – to- life scenes and battlefields with various kinds of tanks, weapons, generals, skills and strategies. In Global War, you can lead your own army and experience a unique campaign on your browser.

Entering Closed Beta at 4PM GMT +7 in Nov. 18th , 2015

If you didn’t get in right way, don’t worry. The publisher plans to add more people into different servers throughout the day to help gamers experience this game as well as possible.
To get in, you’ll need to register an account at homepage http://gw.gamego.com

Main interface of Global War’s homepage

In order to ready for this Closed Beta, Global War ran Alpha Test for a small group of testers who have highly specialized and opened in Vietnam where own numerous gamers.
Thereby, GameGo received many active replies from testers and gamers. This is not only help them discover problems in game during the development process as soon as possible that also hearing players’ ideas, feedback and suggestions to change and complete this product.
However, they emphasis that Closed Beta is to test game’s infrastructure system and global operation. This is their enormous milestone on the road to develop game all over the world. So they hope you will join them on that road.
As introduced earlier, Global War is a strategy browser game which is set based on the period of the Second World War. There, gamers will be experienced war atmosphere, make a plan for historical combat and glory your name on world chart.
When participating this game, gamers will choose a favorite faction and begin overcoming the campaigns. You must build your headquarter, own many strong forces, to complete the missions. There are many ways to develop in game, it depends on you. So you need study particular game’s elements to find perfect way and become stronger.

Headquarter of Soviet in game

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