ffxivtips : [G-star 2015]NEXON G-star 2015 Lineups Including 15 Titles

ffxivtips : [G-star 2015]NEXON G-star 2015 Lineups Including 15 Titles

NEXON usually introduces various games to all players via G-star every year. There is no exception this year. NEXON will bring us 15 games in total including 3 unannounced new titles at G-star 2015. Today, NEXON held "NEXON G-star 2015 Preview" event in Seoul to preview its lineups which to be showcased at G-star 2015.

Online game: Hyper Universe, Ar:pril, Tree of Savior, Sudden Attack 2, FIFA Online 3, Need of Speed: Edge, Moonlight Blade Online

Mobile game: HIT, Legacy Quest, Maplestory M, Durango, Sangokushi Sousouden Online, M.O.E(Master of Eternity), Mabinogi Duel, Fantasy War Tactics

Hyper Universe

Developer : Cwave Soft | Genre : AOS | Platform : PC | Test Date: December 2015(Plan)

The side-scrolling action AOS Hyper Universe, developed by CWAVESoft and published by NEXON, is based on a multi-universe which several universes exist concurrently world view.  It features 24 Hypers with various super power and unleashing unique skills to trigger dazzling action. There are 6 types of Hypers, including Striker, Technician, Stalker, Bruiser, Tanker and Supporter, available to choose.

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Nexon’s New MOBA Hyper Universe New Trailer

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