Final Fantasy XV pre-order DLC and weapon battle footage revealed –

Final Fantasy XV pre-order DLC and weapon battle footage revealed –

Square Enix has given us the run down on some of Final Fantasy XV‘s downloadable content plans during a special E3 2016 recap Active Time Report earlier this morning. Specifically, we’re given a closer look at some of the game’s various retailer-specific pre-order bonuses and how those car skins, outfits and weapons actually work.

These were just some of the downloadable content shown. Director Hajime Tabata notes the Cidney skin in particular is really popular with the Square Enix America staff.

    GEO – Cindy Edition Regalia Coloring
    Game Tsutaya and Tsutaya Online Shopping – Golden Chocobo Edition Regalia Coloring
    Amazon Japan – Final Fantasy XIV Model Gae Bolg Weapon
    7-Eleven and 7-Net Shopping – Final Fantasy XIII Model Blaze Edge Weapon
    Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector’s Edition – Platinum Leviathan Edition Regalia Coloring
    First-Print and Early Download Bonus – Final Fantasy XV Original Masamune Weapon
    Square Enix e-Store – Final Fantasy IX Model Mage Masher Weapon
    Download Version Exclusive – Pixel Character Edition Regalia Coloring
    Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector’s Edition – Lucis Kingdom Suit Outfit (Only Noctis)

Additionally, Tabata shared a few comments following the game’s large presence at E3. For example, Wait Mode was well received, especially by Japanese fans. The picture drawn of the main cast in Altissia holds a secret, though he won’t say what yet. The flying Regalia changes form depending on its height in the air and will remain in that form until you land.

Moving on, Tabata feels that after watching all of Kingsglaive he really wants fans to watch the movie first before they play the game as it’ll double the experience – to fill in the whole picture of the story here.

As announced previously, mobile companion title Justice Monsters V will go live around Gamescom in August. The game has micro-transactions and a gacha system. You’ll need golden orbs to spin the game but you can collect a bunch just by playing.

Gamescom will also play host to the game’s next big appearance, with demos available to the public. Tabata says the final release build may be available at Tokyo Game Show and he’s pretty certain there will be a day one patch for Final Fantasy XV as a whole. While Tabata won’t be making it out to Japan Expo in France next week, fans can expect the third episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, which focuses on Gladiolus.

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