ffxivtips – Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 30 Summary; Patch 3.3 out June 7

ffxivtips – Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 30 Summary; Patch 3.3 out June 7

The thirtieth Letter from the Producer Live kicked off early this morning from Akita, Japan, where the Final Fantasy XIV team let loose more details on the next post-release patch called Revenge of the Horde. That’s due out June 7th, 2016.

Producer/director Naoki Yoshida and global online producer Toshio Murouchi were joined by special guest Natsuko Ishikawa, one of the game’s scenario writers.

For all the major details, check out our summary below!

Trial: The Final Steps of Faith

The secret trial that’s been hidden up until this point is revealed as The Final Steps of Faith. Revenge of the Horde is the final chapter of the Dragonsong War, that’s been building up to a confrontation with the dragon Nidhogg. There will be a normal mode and extreme mode version of the fight, which will drop themed weapons.

The Aquapolis

The Aquapolis is a new type of dungeon that can be entered by chance when using a Timeworn Dragonskin Map. Once all enemies spawned by the map are felled and looting is finished, you’ll have a ten-minute gap to assemble a party and enter the portal that spawns. Once inside, you will be synced to item level 180.

The goal is to defeat the monsters within and collect items from treasure chests. Once a wave of monsters has been slain, you’ll be able to loot. After that, you’ll be able to choose one of several doors in an attempt to proceed further into the dungeon. One will lead you down — the others will boot you out. With a bit of luck you may see all seven floors of the dungeon — the deeper you go the better the rewards you’ll procure.

There’s a chance a golden goblin can appear, and should you defeat it within 30 seconds, you’ll obtain gil rewards. The same goes for the cyclops, but swap gil with Tier IV and V materia. You may also loot rare minions previously obtainable in dungeons.

Frontlines: Field of Glory (Shatter)

A new Frontlines map is coming in Patch 3.3 called Field of Glory (Shatter). It’s located in Coerthas, thus the snow-covered map. Similarly to Seal Rock, you’ll be able to capture nodes by standing within a designated perimeter — but the main difference in this zone are the enormous crystals you’ll be able to shatter for points. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Raid Finder

For players attempting the most difficult raid content in the game, the team will be implementing a new Raid Finder that will allow you to search for other like-minded party members within your same data center. You’ll be able to set various requirements including whether or not a player has or has not cleared a fight. The tool will help you indicate whether you are seeking to practice a certain phase of a fight or clear. Note that you won’t be able to practice specific phases from a particular fight — it’s just to indicate what phase you want to work on.

Check out the images below for more details.

Housing: Flowerpot Gardening

A new feature being added to housing is the ability to grow flowers in pots and vases. Just set seeds and fertilizer in and you’ll be able to watch them grow. You won’t be able to cross-plant like in your estate’s plot, but you will be able to harvest items that can be used to craft vanity gear. Just remember to check on them often — they’ll die if neglected.

New UI Features

The team went over several new UI features in the broadcast, including the recommended gear button. This will automatically select the highest item level gear for your job out of your armoury chest. You’ll also be able to save several sets of HUD layouts, handy for those switching between various battle roles. PlayStation 4 players will have the ability to adjust the draw distance in their system configuration menu. The market board will gain the ability to search partial terms.

New mentor icons will be added to distinguish mentors who specialize in PvE or PvP content. A Trade icon will likely before players mentoring Disciples of the Land and Hand. If you’ve bemoaned resetting your PvP Action Points every time you change a job, know you’ll be able to set presets in Patch 3.3.

Anima Weapons

The next phase of the Anima Weapons quest will allow you to customize the stats of the weapon. You’ll be able to convert certain quest items into catalysts — points you can use to boost specific parameters. There’ll be a variety of ways to obtain these items to boost your relic, so the team advises playing on your own terms. The finished relic will have a comparable power to a crafted weapon with three Tier V materia melded.

Beast Tribe: Moogles & Dragons

Similar to the Ehcatl Nine beast tribe quests in A Realm Reborn, the new tribe of Moogles (and dragons) will be focused on crafting. They’ve set up shop out in the Churning Mists, which you can check out in the footage below. These quests will help your crafters level from 50 to 60. If you’re already at cap, it’ll offer Tier V materia. The story will include a master who learned crafting in Ishgard talking about player memories.

Miscellaneous New Features/Adjustments:

  • The Fenrir mount will be able to fly in Patch 3.3. [Video]
  • Crafters and Gatherers will receive a boost in item level. New red scrip gear will allow you to prepare for new crafted raid-tier gear in Patch 3.4.
  • Some classes will be adjusted so that attaining blue scrips will be easier. It’ll also be easier to earn red scrips.
  • There will be more gathering spots that yield items used for collectibles. Scrip rewards will increase for Lv60 turn-ins, and EXP will increase for turn-ins Lv59 and below.
  • The piggy outfit you can see in today’s footage can be dyed. That pose? Seems that’s a secret for now.
  • By request, the idling camera can be used in battle. Group posing has been adjusted so that you can tilt the camera more.
  • New gear below features a beastman tribe theme. Other gearsets shown will drop from The Weeping City of Mhach.

Special Guest: Natsuko Ishikawa (main scenario writer)

Main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa joined the broadcast for a Q&A on the game’s story. She shared that the Warring Triad story featuring Regula van Hydrus and Unukalhai will continue and there will be battle content associated with it, but it seems that the next trial will arrive with the next major patch.

Her body of work includes the stories for The Binding Coil of Bahamut, the main scenario for The Gears of Change, questlines for the Rogue class and Dark Knight job, and much more.

Check out her full Q&A session in the official digest here.


  • New merchandise was shown off including plush keychain mascots and various tumblers.
  • A Gold Saucer exclusive Make it Rain Campaign event will arrive on May 27th.
  • Final Fantasy XIV will return to Role Play Convention in Cologne, Germany on May 28th-29th.
  • The Free Trial’s level cap will increase to 35 when Patch 3.3 launches on June 7th.
  • Final Fantasy XIV will return to E3 2016 — they’ll be showing more of the new Deep Dungeon content called The Palace of the Dead in a live letter.
  • A compilation of interviews Famitsu did with director Naoki Yoshida will be published in a paperback called “Yoshida Uncensored”. Goes on sale in Japan on June 22nd.

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