ffxivtips : Escape from Tarkov Is a MMO Shooter Partially Resembles Destiny and The Division

ffxivtips : Escape from Tarkov Is a MMO Shooter Partially Resembles Destiny and The Division

Escape from Tarkov is an upcoming narrative MMO shooter recently came into our radar. The game released an announcement trailer early this month, from which we guessed it was a team-based lobby shooter. It turned out that the game was more than that. First and foremost the game doesn't have a persistent open world but it's not the traditional 5v5, 10v10 lobby-based shooter either.

In the latest interview with developer Battlestate Games by Russian game site mmo13, the dev team said Escape from Tarkov's gameplay will partly resemble Destiny and yet to be released The Division, but with a bias for realism and hardcore. For now the game supports 64 players in the largest location. Other MMO features include "quests, PvP/PvE raids, strong storytelling component, detailed inventory and cache management and economic system," along with a character leveling and skill upgrade system. In one of the game modes, there are NPCs, traders, and their home places.

It's like Destiny, where you team up with friends to explore a large location filled with many other players (looks like an open world). In Escape from Tarkov, you will work with other players to clean the scenarios which are called raids (large open locations like downtown, suburbs, chemical plant, etc) that will lead the player to escape from Tarkov. "Here, players can procure loot, receive experience for different actions and investigate the events. Player, who enters the raid alone, will not know who else is there in the location," the developer said.

The raid locations will be large, up to 8 sq. kilometers, and feel a bit like Stalker maps. They will feature the daytime and weather changes and various random events, like mortar strikes or invasions of local looters, The Savages. Once opened, the raid locations can be visited multiple times. There will also be a separate Free Roam mode, where players can freely navigate a location 16 sq km large without being linked to a session. 


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