ffxivtips : Echo of Soul New Trailer Showcases PvP Content

ffxivtips : Echo of Soul New Trailer Showcases PvP Content

The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Echo of Soul kicked off its Closed Beta this week, a brand-new trailer has been released that showcases the different types of PvP available to players. “Echo of Soul is packed with enough PvP content that you could spend almost all your time duking it out with other players, without even touching PvE.”

The PvP Modes in Echo of Soul

Battlefields: Two teams of 15 battle for total supremacy on one of two unique maps(Tribulation’s Vale and Metal’s Theater)
Arena: 5v5 mode deathmatches in close quarters
Guild Wars: Guilds can set themselves to hostile and engage any other hostile guild members in the open world and on the battlefield of Valhalla, featuring a massive world boss at the center
1v1 Duels: Dueling is a way for players in the PvE environment to fight each other consensually.

For more details about Echo of Soul PvP, check out Everything you Need to Know About Echo of Soul PvP. If you’d like to try Echo of Soul, here is our Echo of Soul (EOS) Closed Beta Test Companions Pack($50) Key Giveaway.

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