ffxivtips : Earth Online Sounds Like the Largest and Most Unlikely MMO You Could Have

ffxivtips : Earth Online Sounds Like the Largest and Most Unlikely MMO You Could Have

Earth Online (official site) is an Unreal Engine 4 MMO claims to have a large sandbox world that includes almost everything you have and things you can do in real life. In social aspect, it plans to become a simulation of real life — you'll need to get a driver license before you can drive a car. In MMO aspect, it allows you to build your house (even government), and fight like you do in GTA.

The game is being developed by an independent team called Kupai, who will soon start crowdfunding in China. The project remains in very early stage and if you think it's practicable, you can vote for the game at Steam Greenlight page.

Some of the major gameplay systems the developer team plans to make
Survival system
You will get thirty and hungry and you need to eat and drink. You'll even get sick so you have to take good care of yourself like you do in real life.
Identity system 
You'll have a citizen ID that displays your age, gender, address and so on. It also records your credit and deeds which will affect your life in the game.
Craft system
You can grow vegetables, do fishing, go hunting, raise cattle, and more.
Pet system
With Unreal engine's AI technology, you will have extensive interaction with pets.
Construction system 
You can build, rent or sell houses in particular areas. You can decorate and redecorate your house.
Marriage system
Stable marriage will help you in socialization even in the campaign for senator or mayor.
Economy system 
It claims to have banks, credit cards, stock market, and loan which have the similar rules to the reality. You can start your own company and become CEO.
Vehicle system
You need to pass the test and get a license to drive. You can modify your cars. Driving tends to be more like a sim game than arcade game.
Combat system
Lots of weapons with realistic recoil. Police will stop you if you use weapons in public.
Nation system
You can run campaign for mayor even president. You can raise war against other nations. Guilds are available in this game but it will be more like party in real life. Your guild can campaign for positions in the government.
Profession system
Cops, doctors, and even taxi drivers — all professions are supposed to be similar to those in real life. You can change your job.
Adventure system
You can explore the uncharted world (forgot to say that the game sets in a world revives from apocalypse). Will there be mutants, zombies or treasures in the wild?
Gathering system 
You can gather metal, oil, woods, herbs and sell for money.
Communication system
There are radios, cellphones, and satellites that can be used for communication. Friend list will be in your cellphone.
After reading these, do you still think this game will happen? You think this is a joke? It does have some screenshots already

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