ffxivtips : ELOA (Inspirit ) Is Coming to the West!

ffxivtips : ELOA (Inspirit ) Is Coming to the West!

ELOA is coming to the West, but instead under a new name known as "Inspirit". Inspirit will be published by GRE Ltd. Inspirit Online or ELOA was developed by Korean Company ESTA Games. It's an exciting fantasy and anime inspired free to play. 

Currently, three Inspirit’s races are released.

  • Kartu – creators of the world
  • Liru – light tree guardians
  • Sapiens – Chosen sons of Nature

All classes in Inspirit have 3 available weapons at all times which can be instantly swapped during combat. Each weapon is unique and has a specific set of skills attached to it. This unique feature allows for maneuverability in battle and makes gameplay more diverse and enjoyable! No class is gender or race locked. You can pick your gender, race and class in character creation.

Inspirit allows for both classic point & click as well as pure keyboard action controls to be used in order to satisfy both old and new school players. Easy and simple controls combined with multiple camera angles available.

Inspirit Online plans to kick of the first Closed Beta in the end of June, while the specific date isn't announced yet.

Make sure to keep up-to-date on the official website – http://inspirit.gr-ent.com/

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