ffxivtips : Dragomon Hunter – Crafting Guide

ffxivtips : Dragomon Hunter – Crafting Guide

Crafting Guide – Gotta' Craft Them All

Table of Contents:
1. What is Crafting?
2. Know Your Master Craftsman
3. The Crafting Interface
      3.1 Crafting
      3.2 Refining
      3.3 Evolving
      3.4 Transforming
4. Dragocite Inlay
5. Mats, Mats and More Mats

1. What is Crafting?

   In Dragomon Hunter the term "crafting" covers a wide variety of aspects essential to playing the game – aspects which include forging gear, increasing gear percent, star evolution and dragocite transformations. 

2. Know Your Master Craftsman


   Master Craftsmen are the only NPCs in game capable of performing the aspects of the crafting interface. They are displayed on the city map by an icon depicting a hammer and an anvil.

3. The Crafting Interface


1. Part of the main menu, this button will direct you to the Crafting interface. (See section 3.1)
2. By pressing this button the Refining interface will be opened. (See section 3.2)
3. This button leads to the Evolving interface. (See section 3.3)
4. Click here to open the Transformation interface. (See section 3.4)
5. The Catalog lists all of the armor sets that a player has learned and is thus able to craft. Those stating "(Available)" mean that all of the items required to craft the pieces are possessed by the player.
6. The Product tab allows the player to view the pieces corresponding to each set. Simply select the desired piece to view its requirements.
7. Under the Materials tab the player is able to check on the price and materials of the selected gear piece. He/she is also capable of commencing to craft once all of the requirements are met. Select the "Trade" button to exchange Dragomon Points for needed materials.
8. This button allows the player to learn recipe scrolls obtained as drops within the game. (See section 3.1)

3.1 Crafting


1. Using this drop down menu, the play is able to select the class, and thus the gear, he/she is looking for.
2. The player can click on the title of a set to open a drop down menu pertaining to the aspects – weapons, heavy armor, leather armor, cloth armor – that he/she possesses knowledge of.
3. When an item is capable of being crafted it will appear in color. The player must select the piece he/she wishes to craft in order to move on in the process. 
4. Check on the required items in order to ensure that the crafting can be complete. The player can scroll over the presented mat in order to learn what Dragomon to farm from or may select "Trade" in order to purchase the mat(s) with the use of Dragomon Points.
5. Next the player will see the crafting cost as well as the total amount of gold he/she possesses. In order to craft, held amount must be higher than the cost.
6. Click here to craft the armor.

   Should a player encounter a recipe in the wild, he/she must speak with a Master Craftsman and meet the level requirement of the piece in order to learn it.

1. Select the "Learn" button to open the learning interface.
2. This is where the formula will appear once it has been selected. The player may either drag the item or right click it for this to occur.
3. An image and name of the gear piece will be shown here as long as a formula has been selected.
4. Once the recipe has been placed, this button will light up. The player must then click on it in order to successfully learn to make the gear.
5. Available recipes will turn green within the player's bag.

   Once you select "Learn" from the previous window another popup will appear asking you to Confirm or Cancel the process. Notice how there is now an image of the recipe scroll and the gear piece, as well as its name, in the designated area. Select "Confirm" to complete the process and gain the recipe.

3.2 Refining


   By refining the player is able to improve the percentage of their gear, and thus raise its basic stat points; the maximum percent is 130%.

1. This section displays the current status percent of the gear being refined. With each successful refinement, the percentage will increase. 
2. The gear being refined it placed here. Press the "Place" button to select the gear to be refined.
3. A drop down menu will open so that the player can select the percentage that he/she is aiming for.
4. The materials needed to refine are displayed here. Like with crafting, they can be bought using Dragomon Points by clicking on the "Trade" button.
5. Refining gears costs money, here the price as well as the players current amount of gold are shown.
6. Click on the "Start" button to begin the refining process.

3.3 Evolving


   Evolving a piece of gear allows the player to upgrade the item's stats. As the item is upgraded, it has the chance to collect star values; each star value occurs over an interval of ten successful evolution processes.

1. This section displays the bonus stats given for each star value acquired. Once a star value has been reached, the corresponding star will become yellow.
2. Each level of evolution adds bonus stats to a piece of equipment. The displays the progress made on the gear in regards to the next star level as well as the added attribute gained with each successful evolution.
3. The piece of gear to be evolved is placed here by clicking on the "Place" button and selecting the designated equipment.
4. In order to evolve an item, the player needs to posses evolution scrolls. There are three kinds of scrolls: basic (upgrades to a maximum of two stars), advanced equipment scrolls (upgrades to a maximum of five stars), and high order scrolls (upgrades to a maximum of five stars.) In addition, there exist specialized evolution stones corresponding to each star level that may also be used.
5. By clicking here, the player is able to select his/her goal in evolving his/her gear.
6. As the player works on evolving his/her gear, this bar displays the progress he/she is making towards the next star level (top bar) as well as the progress he/she is making towards the next evolution (bottom bar). Equipment will never break during the evolution process; once the bottom bar reaches 100% the next evolution level is automatically acquired.
7. Select the "Evolve" button to begin the evolution process.

3.4 Transforming


   By transforming, the player is able to add and/or change the stats on his/her dragocites.

1. This section shows the original stats of the dragocite being transformed.
2. By clicking the "Place" button the player selects the piece of gear – dragocite embedded – that he/she wants to transform. Said piece of gear and dragocite will then be displayed in this section.
3. The materials needed to transform the dragocite are shown here. If the player does not have enough, he/she can purchase them by selecting the "Trade" button and exchanging Dragomon Points for the necessary materials.
4. Crystals can be used to obtain better stats when transforming a dragocite; the player must click the "Use Crystal" button to select and use crystals.
5. If the stats – which are randomized – are not rolled to the users liking in comparison to the stats already on the dragocite, the play can click this button to keep the original stats.
6. Select the "Transform" button to begin the transformation process.
7. The cost of transforming as well as the player's current amount of gold is displayed
8. This button is to be pressed if the newly transformed stats want to be kept on the dragocite.
9. This window displays the newly transformed stats for the dragocite as well as the change in stats in comparison with the old ones.

Note: A dragocite can only be transformed a maximum of ten times.

4. Dragocite Inlay

    Dragocites can only be placed within equipment of corresponding type and level. In all, there are five types of dragocites – those for the head, chest, hands, waist, feet and weapon. To use a dragocite the piece of equipment, as well as the dragocite, must be in the player's bag. Right click the dragocite to select it; items that cannot receive it should be grayed out. Right click again on the piece of equipment the dragocite is to be placed in, and the process is complete. To remove a dragocite from a piece of equipment, the play must select the "Remove" button at the bottom of his/her bag and click on the gear containing the dragocite to be removed. 

5. Mats, Mats and More Mats

   Materials can be obtained by either defeating enemies and receiving them as drops, buying them for other players, or by exchanging Dragomon Points.

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