ffxivtips : Crowfall – Legionnaire Skills Preview Video

ffxivtips : Crowfall – Legionnaire Skills Preview Video

Crowfall developers released a new video showcasing some of the centaur's (known as the Legionnaire) skills and animations.

The Legionnaire was spotted for the first time in the Kickstarter video, but since then developers added some new powers transforming him into a first line support. Bellow you will find a list with some of the skills that will be available in the first playable version:

  • The left click primary melee attack – a chain attack that will generate rage and gives access to different combos like casting the Discipline or Command group buffs that will generate mana for 30 seconds;
  • The right click power Dogdge – a skill powered by stamina, that will allow the Legionnaire to leap 10m in a certain direction, shoving and dealing damage to everyone in his path;
  • Eternal Rage – an instant rage boost, with a long cooldown, that will allow the Legionnaire to jump straight into the action;
  • Retaliate – a passive skill that can be activated when knocked down, allowing him to leap back on his feet and deal damage to everyone in the area. This power won’t be available on the skill bar as it will only appear when the player is in a knock down state;
  • Rear Kick – a passive skill that gives a certain chance to deal damage when attacked from the rear

If you want to learn more about Crowfall's Legionnaire, visit the official site.

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