ffxivtips : Crowfall Layaway Program: You Can Pay Items By Installments Now

ffxivtips : Crowfall Layaway Program: You Can Pay Items By Installments Now

Crowfall, one of the most successful titles on Kickstarter campaign, has amassed more than two million dollars crowdfunding and today developer ArtCraft Entertainment announced a layaway program for players intend to buy items that cost $100 or more. Below is a quick overview:

  • You may only have one item at a time in layaway. (You’ll find it under your Account/Backer Rewards tab, and see it at the top of the Pledge Packages once you have activated a layaway.)
  • Layaway is only available for items costing $100 or more.
  • The layaway down payment is 15% of the price or $20, whichever is more, with 18-months to pay the balance. (This means you can take advantage of special offers and sales by locking in those prices but giving yourself additional time to pay.)   
  • Payments must be a minimum of $20 and may be made at any time. 
  • If you layaway an upgrade to an existing package, that package is locked (and removed) from your inventory residing with the layaway until you fully redeem it.
  • You will still get the badges and testing privileges that came with that locked package.

Besides that, they are planning to add more payment options, a guild system and Refer-a-Friend system on the Crowfall official website and Crowfall is at its 75% of the way to raising its current capital goal.

So what do you think of the layaway program? 

Source: Crowfall official website

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