ffxivtips : Cross-Platform Shooter MOBA Gigantic Delayed to 2016

ffxivtips : Cross-Platform Shooter MOBA Gigantic Delayed to 2016

Gigantic PAX Prime 2015

Motiga has announced that its free-to-play cross-platform shooter Gigantic has been delayed to 2016, while the studio has laid off 16 employees as a result. You can check out the studio’s update blog here.

Motiga also stated that the feedback from Gigantic's test is the reason for the game’s delay. "We've received lots of valuable feedback throughout our testing phases," the studio said, "and as we reflect on the things we must accomplish to meet the expectations we have set for ourselves, it is clear that we need to move the launch window for Gigantic into 2016."

Although saying goodbye to to the departing staffers is painful, the studio continues to be committed to delivering Gigantic at the highest possible quality. The updated production roadmap for Gigantic will coming soon, including insight into the state and direction of Gigantic.

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