ffxivtips : Cosmic League aka Cosmic Break 2 Coming to NA, Release Date Confirmed

ffxivtips : Cosmic League aka Cosmic Break 2 Coming to NA, Release Date Confirmed

CyberStep, the Japan-based game company behind anime MMORPG Onigiri, announced that they will bring Cosmic League, aka Cosmic Break 2 (if you are not familiar with the new name) to North America. Pre-registration is now available at the official website with the open beta planned on December 7 (only lasts for 3 days testing servers though) and then the game will move to a full release on December 10, 2015.

Being a sequal to the once popular Cosmic Break, Cosmic League is an action-packed online arena shooting game featuring cute girls and killer robots. Two teams of up to 10 players each are pitted against each other in close-quarter arena battles. Six different type of classes range from melee combat to long range will be available. Cosmic League will also feature dynamic events such as a falling meteor, which will dramatically change the entire arena.

Pre-registration will grand you some exclusive limited items including "an exclusive hair color for one humanoid, free tickets for content only available in the Cash Shop and a starter pack with boost items, in-game money and key items."


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