ffxivtips : Check out What Did Japanese Players Say about Monster Hunter Online

ffxivtips : Check out What Did Japanese Players Say about Monster Hunter Online

Tencent and Capcom's co-developed title Monster Hunter Online finally entered the last closed beta test last Friday on November 27. Besides the hype in China, being an original IP in Japan, a lot of Japanese hunters are also paying close attention to Monster Hunter Online.

After they know the final non-wipe beta date for Monster Hunter Online, a Japanese player posted on yahoo.jp, asking for a way to grab a key. Then an enthusiastic player answer him and he even created a Japanese translation team, attempting to recruit more members to translate Monster Hunter Online.

In this post titled "MHO Japanese translation team recruiting; guides on getting a beta key", the author expressed his disappointment on MHO only available in China and bombarded capcom's unambitiousness so that China takes advantage of the Monster Hunter IP in China. In order that Japanese players can also play MHO, the author is appealing to other MH fans to join and translate MHO in Japanese.

Below are some comments from Japanese MH fans:

Our national ip is now finally on the PC platform but we cant' play it, sadly.

Angry with Capcom this time. Our 3DS's screen is so small but see the PC version? It is said that MHO is gonna have super good graphics.

Capcom haven't sensed the crisis? Even we as players have felt it deeply..

It's so annoying that the game is launching in China first!

Is there anyone who knows Chinese and can help me get a key? I am ok with buying a key so we can play together.

I've been waiting for Monster Hunter Online for 2 years and hope it would be fun to play!

My schoolmate who is studying in China told me there were already several beta tests in China and it seems the game is great! It is said that there's a new dragon, only in the online PC version! Oh, I wanna challenge it so badly!

Don't know if Tencent would block Japan ip or not. If there's no ip block, then I'll wait for the Japanese translation.

I've been playing MH since PS2. For those who love this game, I'd love to help with the translation.

Source: yahoo.co.jp

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