ffxivtips : Changes To Expect In Skyforge CBT4

ffxivtips : Changes To Expect In Skyforge CBT4

Skyforge CBT4

We expected it, and most saw it coming, but the 4th phase of Skyforge's Closed Beta test has been confirmed to be very close to what is currently available in the Russian Open Beta. Here are the potential changes you should expect to find the next time you start your game.

First of all, you need to know that a character wipe has been confirmed. Thus, everything done from CBT1 and up to CBT3 will be gone. Those of you that weren't happy with their characters will rejoice.

Ascension Atlas
Depending on the changes implemented, the Upper Atlas may be achieved at an earlier point, and completely mastering a class may take longer.

Most likely one of the most expected features, mounts have been available in the Russian OBT. They can be obtained as loot, or through the cash shop. Hopefully, they will also be available in our next CBT.

The "guild" system of Skyforge, the Pantheons is a great feature for aspiring Gods, allowing the, to group together and create clans with different leaders and goals.

The system of adventures might also get a full revamp to catch up to the Russian OBT. These may include:

  • A new difficulty system represented by stars and skulls, scaled according to your prestige
  • You can decide what difficulty to complete adventures on (lower difficulties offering lesser rewards)
  • A (much needed) group finder feature to complete adventures with other players
  • Adventure difficulties can be scaled down according to the Prestige of your group members
  • A wider variety of bonus objectives when running an adventure

The equipment system might also be changed to include two new types of gear, namely the amulets and trophies. Amulets can be obtained as loot, just like rings, and will also come with a set of 4 slots. Trophies, on the other hand, are only available from 7500 Prestige.
The order system may also change a lot. If these change are implemented, you can expect:

  • The "Rank" of Adepts to disappear.
  • Stat and Prestige bonuses to be assigned to Provinces rather than the Adepts.
  • Adept specific stats that will affect the completion of Missions (making them more likely to succeed, or reducing the time required to complete a mission)
  • A full revamp of the Missions interface.

Chat system
The chat may also undergo important changes, with an interface approaching more than what we can see classic MMOs.

Note that none of these changes are confirmed as of yet, but are highly likely considering that the next beta will require a character wipe.


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