ffxivtips : Blade & Soul (KR) December Expansion Preview: New Maps, Dungeons, the 9th Class

ffxivtips : Blade & Soul (KR) December Expansion Preview: New Maps, Dungeons, the 9th Class

NCsoft has revealed the first part of the December expansion preview for Blade & Soul. Of course the expansion will be first released in the Korean server but there's no harm to take an early look at what will come to the NA and EU server in the future. You may have seen the trailer before, and if you haven't you can see the 9th new class at around 2' 10'', the young man who fights like Kungfu Master.  

New chapter 7 story

The story revolves around the kidnap of a little girl – you can see the scene in the video above at around 55''. Mysterious new character will appear and offer his help. In the journey you will encounter and adventure with new companions in a strange land. What's the fate of the little girl that's kidnapped?


Good vs. evil

The left side stand your allies who will offer you assistance during your quest to rescue the little girl. The right side stands the representative of dark power – who are they and what they are up for?

New maps
Capital city of the Cloud empire, the starting point of whole new adventure

The palace of the capital city and the place where powerful men and rich people gather around – it's like a bastion nobody can infiltrate

The slum where beggars, orphans, and helpless people live. People are united there though

Coast of coral – behind its beauty is the terrifying legend that a lot of ships have disappeared and sailors lost their lives in this place

Forsaken forest – an abandoned forest with overgrown trees and unknown relics hidden in the very deep area

The headquarter of Black Dragon

A mysterious fleet


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