ffxivtips : Blade & Soul Arena Uses Level Scaling Mechanism

ffxivtips : Blade & Soul Arena Uses Level Scaling Mechanism

While Blade & Soul's world PvP may have a lot of uncertainties  since it's an open environment, the game's Arena depends more on personal skill and team cooperation. Arena is where you can fight martial artists whose PvP skill is at the same level as you. The Arena uses a level scaling mechanism to allow you to be able to compete against players of any level.

The matchmaking system ensures you and your team only fight those with similar ranking to you. You can also choose to spar with other players by selecting the Sparring option at the bottom of the Arena Lobby so whether you win or lose won't affect your ranking.

Arena matches are best of three, with each round being determined by either the first player to reduce their opponent’s health to zero, or by the total amount of damage dealt within three minutes—if neither opponent reaches zero health. Survive two rounds to win the match!You’ll receive PvP currency—Zen Beans—through most forms of PvP, including PvP daily quests.

You'll receive significantly more Zen Beans from winning in Arenas than from losing, and you can spend your Zen Beans on rewards, like skill upgrades, crafting, and upgrade materials. While Blade & Soul will launch with Arenas and their compelling skill-based gameplay, the biggest rewards will come from ranked competitive Seasons, and we’ll have more information after release on Seasons and how they'll work.

  Read more about Arena at the official site.

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