ffxivtips – Blade & Soul: Naryu Sanctuary Guide

ffxivtips – Blade & Soul: Naryu Sanctuary Guide

naryu sanctuary guideNaryu Sanctuary is latest hero instance to be introduced in Blade & Soul Online CN on Jan 2016. It is located at the new map area, released along with this update: Gu Won Sung Do. This guide explains the boss mechanics in each stage of Naryu Sanctuary.

1st Boss : Ab Kuen

HP: 134,400,000

Naryu Sanctuary - Boss 1

Martial Dance

Between 100% to 90% HP, after performing some normal attack, the boss will 1 x hammer throw followed by 2 x martial dance: 1st martial dance aims the nearest 3 party members to him while the 2nd martial dance target the furthest 5 party members from him randomly. Between 90% – 60% HP, he will using 2 x hammer throw before casting 2 x martial dance. Below 60%HP, he will be using 3 x hammer throw, before casting 2 x martial dance.

Each hit of martial dance induces daze/groggy effect. The damage from the martial dance can be block. Each hit from the martial dance applies a debuff on the party member (even if you block it). If there are 5 stacks of debuff on you, you will be dead. If the duration of the debuff expires, you will die also. This martial dance debuff will play a role in the add summoning mechanics (to be explained below).


One of the key difficulties for the 1st boss of Naryu Sanctuary is handling the adds summoning mechanics.

Adds Summoning

At 90%/ 60%/ 30% HP, the boss jumps to the middle of the field abd summon 4/4/6 adds.

At 90% or 60%, 4 adds will appear at the north, south, east and west of the field. The boss randomly pull 1 of them and push it away. At this time, he is invincible. After that, he throws 5 x hammer at the furthest party members from him.

During this time, the party members need to lure the other 3 adds and align them according to image below. The add furthest from the boss is the one which has been thrown away by the boss. The other 3 adds need to be lured in line with the 1st one. When the HP of the adds are brought to 50%, they will kneel and the AOE circle of explosion will be marked around them.

Naryu Sanctuary stage 1 - domino bombing

The adds can be double cc and carried into position as well. Take note that, by default, the adds will charge towards the aggro holder if no one attack the adds. The aggro of the adds can be changed easily by simply attacking it.

The furthest member who are luring the 5 x hammer throw must ensure that he is standing on the opposite side of these adds such that the hammer throw does not interfere with other party members who are trying to align the adds.

After that, he boss will ignite the furthest add which is thrown by him earlier. If you align the other 3 adds properly, the explosion will trigger a domino effect down the aligned adds and the boss will be damaged by the explosion chain ( – 10% HP). The invincibility of the boss is dispelled as well. The explosion also clears the martial dance debuff which are applied earlier and grant 2 new buffs to party member.

Ab Kuen will be weaken by the explosion and can be lifted by Destroyer or Blade Dancer.  Subsequently, the boss punch the ground and cast a stomp. If you don’t have the buffs granted by the earlier domino explosion, you will be killed by the stomp (even if you try to resist it with skills). If you have the buffs, you would still need to cast a damage resist skill to avoid taking damage from the stomp.

At 30% Hp, instead of 4 adds, 6 adds will be summoned instead. 4 of them are the real explosive add while 2 of them are the fake ones. The fake one will start to move slightly earlier than the real one. The fake adds should be lured away from the 4 real adds if possible to avoid confusion. Since the adds will chase after the tanker by default, normally the tanker is assigned to lure them to the opposite side of the explosive alignment.

See the video below for Naryu Sanctuary 1st Boss, tanker POV:

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