ffxivtips : Black Desert (RU) P2P Server Delayed to 2016, Players Can Get Refund Now

ffxivtips : Black Desert (RU) P2P Server Delayed to 2016, Players Can Get Refund Now

It seems GameNet, Russian publisher for Black Desert Online, didn't fix the P2P server issues well. For the Russian BDO version, both F2P and P2P servers were planned to launch simultaneously but due to technical issues, it became unattainable. After delaying the P2P server launching date for several times, GameNet announced that the P2P servers will not be launched until the spring 2016, which caused a lot of controversy among Russian BDO communities.

For those who bought Package 3 for 2500 Ruble ($35/30€) that gives access to the P2P servers, they were asking GameNet for refunding their money back but at that time, GameNet only gave players two options: either retain the right and wait for the final launch of the P2P server or they can exchange the right for early access to P2P server for in-game improvements, such as a year long "Premium" + "Comfort" packs access.

But now, players can apply to get their money back, of course, if you still keep the 2500 Ruble pack. But when doing a refund, your account will be blocked temporarily and if you want to restore the account, you have to pay 1000 GN Coins (1000 Rubles), which means you can only get 1500 Rubles back. Or the other option would simply be waiting for the final P2P server launch.

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