ffxivtips : Black Desert Online Russian P2P Servers Delayed to 2016

ffxivtips : Black Desert Online Russian P2P Servers Delayed to 2016

Black Desert Online Russian publisher GameNet posted an open letter to announce that delay of the P2P server is addressed along with the news of refunds or exchanges for in-game improvements. Besides, Black Desert Online Russian started to block Western IPs on October 15, and GameNet is now working on refund these players as well as Russian players who are also seeking to get their money back. 

GameNet planned to launch both F2P and P2P servers simultaneously, but due to technical issues this wish was unattainable. As a result, the P2P servers will not be launched until the spring 2016, which has caused quite the controversy within the BDO community.

GameNet announced some compensation plans for players’ dissatisfaction. They state that players can exchange the right for early access to P2P server for in-game improvements, such as a year long "Premium" + "Comfort" packs access. In addition, owners of the early access bundles who have not logged in or do not have a character above level 10 will receive 1500 bonus GN-coins. The exchange will become available this week through GameNet application and will remain accessible for 2 weeks. If not choosing this option, players will retain the right to early access on P2P servers at launch, whenever it happens. 

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