ffxivtips : Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha: Wizard Class Introduction

ffxivtips : Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha: Wizard Class Introduction

Black Desert Online NA/EU Alpha just ended on 2nd Nov 2015. Among the classes available are Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker and Wizard. Among these classes, Wizard is the latest class, merely introduced in Black Desert Korea early this year. I am actually quite surprised that Wizard is released in the alpha. 

I have played Warrior and Ranger in the Korean CBT last year. Therefore, i decided to try out a different class this time: Wizard. Since the alpha is merely 1 week,  I will only briefly introduce the class and the skills from my experience with low level game play (lv15). Feel free to leave comments and feedback if you have played the class at higher level or even at end-game in other versions of BDO. 

The official introduction for Wizard at character selection screen:
"Wizards are known for their prudence in battle. In return of casting time lag, they perform large-scaled magic attacks. Their thorough move will burn, freeze and shatter their enemies with the power of natural elements such as fire, water and wind, and finally drive foes into checkmate."

The chart at character selection show that the class has high attack and decent evasion, easy to play but possesses lesser combo and low defence. 

Basic Skill Introduction

Staff Attack I
Attacks enemy with a staff with magical power.
LMB (left mouse button). 
Damage 100%. Forward attack 100% x 2 hits. Accuracy + 4%. MP 5 recovery per hit. Down Attack.

Comment: I don't really use this much; the damage is low. It recovers 5 Mp per hit, but wizard has better ways to recover MP. It is a "Down Attack" which means that it deals 1.5x damage on knockdown targets.

Magical Arrow I
Makes magic power into arrows to shoot. 
RMB (right mouse button). Require 2MP. 
Damage 108%. 10% chance to critical hit, Accuracy  +2.5%, Up to 2 targets. Endurance consumed if you move during the attack.

Comment: Low damage but can be cast successively by holding down RMB. You can also move while casting.  Good for finishing off enemies with bits of left-over HP after using a high damage AOE skills. The damage is increased as you level up ( up to 300% at max), with increased critical rate ( up to 30%) and more targets (up to 7 targets). 

Concentration Magical Arrow I
Draws magical power to shoot an arrow with it.
Activated with LMB+ RMB. Shoot if left or right button is not pressed. Required 40MP. CD 5sec.
Damage 635% x 2 hits. 20% chance of critical hit. Accuracy + 7.5%. Up to 3 targets. Induce Rigidity if the hits is successful.  Rigidity effect is not available when used during the cool down time. Down Attack.

Comment: Requires a short charging time. The damage and accuracy seems to be pretty good. The skill will induce Rigidity, which is sort of like a mini paralysis effect.  The damage increases significantly as you level it up: 899% x 2 hits , 40% critical rate, extra damage equal to 3.5% of Max MP, with up to 5 targets. 


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