ffxivtips : Black Desert Guide: How to Get Access to the RU CBT

ffxivtips : Black Desert Guide: How to Get Access to the RU CBT

Black Desert Russian 2nd closed beta will kick off on September 15 and if you are wondering how to get access to the beta test, then you can have a try following this guide contributed by our forum member @Akami (many thanks ;P)!

Well, first of all to get a RU-CBT access you will have to follow some simple steps, its not that hard with Google Chrome so you can translate everything.

1. You have to go to their website -> http://blackdesert.ru/founderspack/choose/

2. Translate the website using Google Chrome

3. Click on the gray button "COMPLETE THE QUEST" then you will be switched to another page

4. Click on "GET ACCESS TO THE PTA", it will be a red/orange button, and don't forget to keep translating every page.

5. Fill your email and password that you would like to use them to register.

6. Now it will ask you to pick a nickname then click "Save and Continue" button.

7. Fill your first name, surname etc and click "Save and continue" button.

8. Now you will be switched back to the main website, click "GET FREE" button.

9. You will have to create an account on vk.com so just click on "VKontakte" Button.

10. After creating an account on VK, just press the "VKontakte" button again and allow access to your VK account.

11. You will be switched back to the main website, just click "GET FREE" button again.

12. Fill the email that you picked before, then click on "SEND LETTER" button.

13. Go to your email "yahoo, gmail or whatever" and activate the account.

14. Click on "Already confirmed".

15. In this step it asks you to activate your account by a Referral-Key which i will post it below, then you will have to press "ACTIVATE", NOTE THAT IT'S AVAILABLE FOR 3 PLAYERS ONLY !

Okay i have to explain the final step.. to be clear when you activate your account, you will get another key and this key is like a referral system, you will have to ask 3 players to activate it then you'll gain the access to the incomming CBT, so you need to find a key to activate your account then start asking others to activate their accounts by your key, well its kinda complicated to explain but im sure you got it all.

Here's my Referral-Key : 95637D16-7B99-471D-9E82-08FEAD6F3E52
And here's another Referral-Key belongs to another account just made it to let you all get the chance : 1E76841C-C967-4600-AE62-AF6339482A49

All you have to do is copy/paste and then start spreading your key. Hope everyone has a chance now ^.^

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