ffxivtips : Asker : New "Blood" Class Detailed Skills Preview

ffxivtips : Asker : New "Blood" Class Detailed Skills Preview

The action MMO Asker: The Light Swallowers has revealed a new class "Blood", with a new video highlights the skills, weapon, and combat. Neowiz's action MMO emphasizes on powerful physics and interaction with the environment still has no plan for western release.

Below are detailed descriptions of the skills of "Blood".

name vitality Reuse
ATK Described
Night mode
(vocational skills)
10 seconds Blood emits a roar and a wide power.
Blood Blood mode is activated from the moment the gauge is gradually reduced.
Wrath of the Sickle 25 11 seconds 250% Blood quickly disappeared momentarily in the air
It appeared  to attack the enemy around the rings and the ground.
Attack of the Sickle 26 10 seconds 230% The maximum instantaneous forward fast forward about six meters wields a weapon diagonally.
Crack bet 21 11 seconds 260% The attacks have struck up a weapon.
The charge can be taken down after the attack struck up a charge upon the floor.
Drain Soul 20 seconds 230% To attack the enemy located within a certain distance and replenish stamina.
Rough Tornado 28 16 seconds 370% Rotate the arms in place, creating a whirlwind.
The charge can generate a huge whirlwind for 3 seconds max.
Beckoning in the dark 27 14 seconds 370% Biting try to catch long-range attacks.
Since the enemy can move and throw enemies caught height.
Wicked rotation 29 13 seconds 310% The attack is the tteoohreumyeo low rotational speed into the air.
Hit the enemy comes sucked into the rotation.
The Fast And The Madness 25 10 seconds 230% Fast forward a motion to pass through about eight meters, and sprint.
Thereby avoiding additional keys back to the input.
Contaminated bat 20 13 seconds 30% Slam the enemy he invokes the revolving bats swarm around the blood around six seconds.
Close to enemies within 3 meters every 0.5 seconds for a period of time gives the damage sustained.
Feast of Death
(Special Technology)
120 seconds 590% Fly black gore forward. Black gore will find the enemy
The explosion comes and hits concrete moves to pull the enemy sphere center.
Black Bat 26 13 seconds 260% Black bats fly a flock in the selected range.
New moon shine 26 13 seconds 260% The bear has attacked the character 'll appear in the selected location in an instant.
Veil of death 26 11 seconds To produce a dark wind curtain stopping a projectile in the forward fixed time.
Speed ​​changes during a certain time ally or enemy contact in tents.
Embrace of terror 27 9 seconds 250% Summon the six clot of blood around.
Gore that flies in the face after a certain period of time.
Protection of Darkness 8 15 seconds Hide themselves in the dark.
You can keep up to 5 seconds, and it is possible to avoid any attack the enemy.
Song of the bat
(Special Technology)
120 seconds 660% Blood will disappear and turn into bats flock.


name Described
Strengthening general attack It helps to increase the damage of your normal attack.
Strengthening technical Attack State helps to increase the attack power of technology.
Sharp Attack It helps to increase the penetration.
Weaknesses capture It helps to increase the enemies when the damage is being drained.                                             


Secondary Mastery                                                                                                                   
name Described
Mana strengthen It helps to increase the maximum mana.
Enhance stamina It helps to increase the maximum amount of stamina.
Mana strengthen It helps to increase the natural resilience of mana.
Enhance stamina recovery It helps to increase the resilience of natural stamina.                                               


special effects                                                                                                                           
name Described
Dash enhanced distance Moving distance and the moving speed of the mobile is increased at a dash.
Weather avoid strengthening This decision shall apply from the weather while avoiding jongan avoided.                                            
Battle cry of battle If the enemy succeeded exhaustion increases the damage done by party members for a while.
Also is increased attack speed depending on the stage, the cooldown will also decrease.
Enhance the vitality potion The effect of health recovery potion increases.
Overcoming death MP consumption all have a chance to be hit by an attack that leads to death and not die.
The effect is triggered only once in three minutes.


Occupation effect                                                                                                                    
name Described
Blood Protection The HP has fewer incoming damage is reduced.                 
Ecstasy of battle If you succeed in killing the enemy or to break skills, and while the damage increases attack speed and skill.
Cruel hunger HP has the potential to result in increased recovery due to skills used when switching to HP.

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