ffxivtips : Ark: Survival Evolved Releases Modding Tool for You to Create Maps and Monsters

ffxivtips : Ark: Survival Evolved Releases Modding Tool for You to Create Maps and Monsters

Unreal Engine 4 sandbox multiplayer game Ark: Survival Evolved is expanding the modding community by releasing ARK Dev Kit, a free tool for players to create their own ARK items, weapons, creatures, maps and game modes and share with fellow survivors on Steam. You can download the tool here via the Epic Games Launcher.

Ark: Survival Evolved 
Some frequently asked questions

Q: What is the ARK Dev Kit?
A: The ARK Dev Kit is a simplified version of the Unreal Engine 4 Editor specifically compiled to streamline the process of creating Mods & Maps for the Unreal Engine 4 game ARK: Survival Evolved, and to upload them directly to Steam Workshop for other users to download and play.
Q: What can I create with the ARK Dev Kit?
A: While the ARK Dev Kit does not provide access to the ARK C++ game source code, it does contain all of our editable source art for the game, as well as our editable maps and blueprint classes. Thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint system, even without C++ you can modify and extend quite a lot of the game functionality, including new items, weapons, AI Behavior Trees, structures, and all kinds of gameplay classes & game logic. You can focus on creating a beautiful new environment for the game, or extend the core game classes via Blueprint to add a whole new game mode and new mechanics. Over time we'll detail how to create more complex game modes on the forum, and provide more examples on how to do so!
Q: Where do I get the ARK Dev Kit?
A: You can get the ARK Dev Kit directly from the Epic Games Launcher. Simply Sign-Up, Download Unreal Engine, and go to the ARK tab!
Q: Where can I get help with the ARK Dev Kit?
A: On the official "ARK: Survival Evolved" Modding forum! Moderators from the Dev Team will do our best to help you with any questions or technical issues you might have, and we encourage you to read up on the general Unreal Engine 4 documentation at www.unrealengine.com.
Ark: Survival Evolved
The developer also kicks off the "ARK: Survival Evolved Modding Contest" where players can submit diverse island maps, underground environments, game modes, new structures and items for a chance to win over $25,000 in cash and prizes. You can enter the contest here.

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