Are you prepared for the update? on ffxivtips

Are you prepared for the update? on ffxivtips

Warlock, Naryu Labyrinth & Floor 8
Check out these threads for some useful tips to
help you through the content update on March 2nd.
Patch Notes

Warlock Subforum
Warlock Skill Tree
[Official] Warlock Leveling Challenge

Warlock Class Guide
Warlock Guide for Dummies
Topic creator: Kona


Want to learn how to properly play a Warlock? Then you came to the right place! Feel free to ask any questions you might be confused about, or something I may have missed on. I will try my best to keep everything here simple, so it's easier for you to understand.

PvE – Gist of Warlock
So I don't have to repeat the same answers 10000x
Topic creator: Mion


Warlock is a ranged DPS class for the Jin and Lyn race. Their skills are based on warping the dimensions and dealing large with dark magic. They are also a partial summon-type class with the Demon summon that can assist them for a short period of time. Generally, this class is easy to handle.

[Guide] Warlock PVP Builds against each class
a couple of 45+5 builds with a bit of explaination
Topic creator: Nodah


Hi all, I've been playing the warlock class for quite a while now and I've actually managed to reach the diamond rank on the Japanese server (first warlock diamond rank on Japan before the warlock even had his op skills and instant #4 skill)
and got myself to diamond as well in korea

Naryu Labyrinth
Dungeons Subforum
Naryu Labyrinth Rewards
[Official] [West] Naryu Labyrinth & Mushin’s Tower Floor 8

[Guide] Weapons and Soul Shields for the Unchained Patch (March 2nd)
Topic creator: Kirvin


The legendary weapons are not coming out in NA yet. The Siren and Pirate weapons will be able to be upgraded into the level 50 Hongmoon path. It is cheaper to make a Siren/Pirate weapon than it is to upgrade the equivalent Hongmoon path so upgrade them.

Floor 8
Dungeons Subforum

Mushin 8F quick guide
Topic creator: blim

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