ffxivtips : ASTA Producer: We Do See Potential for It on the Western Market

ffxivtips : ASTA Producer: We Do See Potential for It on the Western Market

Remember ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds, the Asian fantasy MMORPG developed using CryEngine 3? ASTA is developd by Polygon Games and was published by NHN in South Korea but unfortunately, the game was announced to shut down on August 23, 2015 but things are in a different way in the west as western publisher Webzen will start the initial beta test for ASTA today on November 3rd. The beta will last roughly for one month and all players with an active Webzen account will be able to get access to the test (official site for sign up in case you are interested in the beta: http://asta.webzen.com/en).

When ASTA was just announced, the game got hyped in South Korea and was considered to be the "Asian World of Warcraft" but after 2 years, the game died. You may wonder will the western version have the same fate? Well, according to MMOCulture's interview with Dierk, the Assistant Producer on ASTA, he doesn't think so and he believes there are a lot of potentials for ASTA in the Western (global) market.

             "As we've seen with other games in the past, success or failure on one market does not automatically mean that it will be the same in other markets.

             We've seen smash hits from South Korea being unable to find an audience in the West and we have also seen games where Western versions flourished and outlasted their South Korean counterparts.

As for the game content, developers at Polygon Games will continue to offer new content for the western version. If you don't know much about ASTA, then here are a few features that Webzen believe will get players hyped:

              ASTA has something to offer for everyone, not matter what your preference is (PvE, PvP, solo play, group play, etc.). It offers newer players a good way to get started with MMORPGs and veterans will feel right at home as far as the features and the gameplay go. It’s familiar, yet different.

But when pressed, I guess I would say that the approach to character customization is what most players will really like about ASTA. It brings back customizable attributes and talent trees, and adds systems like attribute enhancement and the divine spirit system to allow for a maximum of specialization capabilities.

Apart from that, I really think a lot of players will enjoy the art direction and the theme of Asian Fantasy. It is something quite unique that most players will not have seen before. ASTA has some stunning and exotic environments and characters to offer.

To get more detailed info, head over to MMOCulture for the full interview.

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