ffxivtips : A Twelve Years Old Boy Plays Live-streaming LOL & Earns $4,700 Monthly in China

ffxivtips : A Twelve Years Old Boy Plays Live-streaming LOL & Earns $4,700 Monthly in China

A twelve-year-old boy who plays live-streaming League of Legends and earns $4,700 monthly in Jiangxi Province, southern China. He once won 18 rounds of LOL in a row and became one of the most skillful players. Now there are average 50,000-60,000 online audiences watching his live-streaming LOL show per time. And the highest record is 140,000 audiences. Amazing, ugh?

Now, this young boy titled as “Xiao Xin” is hired as a streamer in Panda TV, a famous Chinese live-streaming platform which owed by son of the richest man in China. Some professional team also want to sign him up.

Xiao Xin’s mother was interviewed by us and she told us more details about her son.

Q: Have you ever thought that your son can be so successful? Are you happy about it?
A: It never occurred to me that Xiao Xin can do it so well and we all hope him to become better and better not only in the career of anchor but also the long life journey. It’s so lucky that many friends get to know him, care about him and gradually like him.

Q: What was your reaction when Xiao Xin played online games at the very beginning?
A: At first, we were worried about his studies like all the other parents. We didn’t agree with him and wanted him to study well. But Xiao Xin sticks to it and he is quite gifted so we begin to support him.  

Q: Did you heard some criticism? What’s Xiao Xin’s future plan?
A: Everyone has his own strengths. Playing online game isn’t unacceptable. We will push Xiao Xin to learn more and improve himself all the time.

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