Month: September 2018

Square Enix reveals Shadow of the Cute Raider trailer and auction in celebration of National Dog Day –

Square Enix and Shadow of the Tomb Raider recently celebrated National Dog Day by releasing a re-creation of the End of the Beginning trailer that was unveiled back in April. Rushing through jungles and using special kitty distracting tactics, this Lara-esque pup races to rescue a darling puppy from the paws of adorable cats, saving

Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 46 Summary; Patch 4.4 arrives on September 18 –

During Final Fantasy XIV’s fourteen-hour live broadcast to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, we got a deeper look at “Prelude in Violet” — the Stormblood expansion’s fourth post-release update out on September 18th, 2018. Patch 4.4 Overview — Patch 4.4 “Prelude in Violet” arrives on September 18th, 2018. — New main scenario quests, side stories,