Month: July 2016

World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition announced, new trailer –

World of Final Fantasy is up next for the Collector’s Edition treatment along with a new trailer Square Enix revealed today. Available exclusively through Square Enix’s Online Store for $119.99, the Collector’s Edition comes housed with a number of goods including the game, an artbook, soundtrack and mini-figures. Here’s what you can expect: Collector’s Edition

Why your silver chest refuses to give you an upgrade

The total sum of your weapon/armor value cannot exceed your current character level inside of PotD. This means that if your weapon/armor value is 30, then you will not receive a bonus from silver chests until you reach level 31 within PotD. That sounds good right? So long as you reach the right level, then

Pegasus Mount

I would like SE to allow people to change the colour of the pegasus mount (multiple toned), possibly using some feed type items much like the way you can change your chocobo’s colour. I personally think the pure white version of the pegasus looks very bland, looks like it lacks definition because of how extremely