Month: March 2016

ffxivtips – Otherland Returns To Steam

After almost two months, Drago Entertainment’s Otherland MMO has finally returned to Steam. The game, based on the popular Tad Williams novels, was removed from the digital service back in January to allow the developers to make changes to how the game was being published. The developers were ironing out a deal with a separate

[West] Silverfrost Mountains Dungeon Preview on ffxivtips

Silverfrost Mountains Dungeon Preview The upcoming expansion introduces eight new dungeons to the game. With the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion we’re introducing eight exciting new dungeons—five Expert (blue), and three Heroic (purple). While these will present a significant new challenge for even the most highly trained martial artist, the rewards will be even greater, providing

ffxivtips | Silverfrost Mountains – What to expect

This information has been collected from the Asian versions of Blade & Soul and may not be correct for the western release. Right-click an image and “Open in new tab” to view the full resolution. Zaiwei The capital city of Silverfrost Mountains, Zaiwei is home to literally everything you will be doing when the level