Month: January 2016

ffxivtips : Final Fantasy XV Niflheim Base battle footage shows off tactical magitek action

Following today’s immense showing in a new Active Time Report, Square Enix has uploaded new battle footage shown on stream of Noctis and friends infiltrating a Niflheim base – a stronghold held by Final Fantasy XV’s primary antagonists. Using stealth tactics, different gameplay mechanics give the player a variety of options of combat including magic,

ffxivtips : Tabata talks magic, Niflheim and more in latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has once again taken center stage to host and present the latest Active Time Report detailing new information on the upcoming project. The majority of the pre-recorded broadcast covered new content including magic, new gameplay, promised details on the game’s key antagonists the Niflheim Empire and a few details on

ffxivtips : First screenshots released of Ramza in Dissida Final Fantasy Arcade

Square Enix has released a few screenshots of Final Fantasy Tactics protagonist ‘Ramza Beoulve’ prior to his debut in Dissidia Final Fantasy. The game’s official site was recently updated with a webpage containing a summary text followed by voice samples and screenshots of the hero. Serving as the fifteenth character to the game, Ramza is scheduled to be

ffxivtips : Rise of the Tomb Raider tech feature details PC version

Square Enix has released a new video showcasing some of the new features players can expect to see when the Nixxes-developed PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider launches on Steam tomorrow. The video shows off some of the PC-only improvements over the original console version including anisotropic filtering, tessellation, dynamic foliage, and Nvidia’s