Month: June 2015

ffxivtips : Tree of Life Early Access Review

Presented as a Sandbox MMO that is truly open, to the point of placing the game world in the hands of players (granted, with certain restrictions regarding the PvP), Tree of Life is most likely one of the most promising MMORPGs of 2015. Right as they dive into the game, players feel a true sense

ffxivtips : Civilization Online Released the Latest Introduction Trailer

On June 29th, XL Games unveils an introduction trailer for Civilization Online. This introduction trailer has 4 chapters totally including Chapter 1: sessions, Chapter 2: change of times, Chapter 3: selection, Chapter4: initial victory. In this trailer, we could not only preview Civilization Online's gameplay, but also introductory script and dubbing referring to different themes.

ffxivtips : Ar:piel 2nd Stage of the PTA Test has Started

The company Nexon Korea reported that the second stage of closed beta test for the isometric Action-MMORPG Ar:piel has started . And of course, the testers have already started to spread various videos. Today you will have the opportunity to explore the gameplay for the magician-rabbit, witch, snake and leopard-fighter. In Ar:piel you will explore