There is also the matter of indoctrination

It’s actually explicitly mentioned in the MCH storyline that there are certain individuals in high places that are uneasy with the thought that a commoner can be handed a rifle with little or no training and be just as lethal as a knight armed with a sword and years of training. Particularly since many among the nobility KNOW that they haven’t given the common folk much reason to love them.

Guns and such may be useful against the dragons, but once the threat of the dragons is gone, those guns will still be around. And once the commoners no longer need the nobles to protect them from the dragons, the nobles are going to need to lean hard on the commoners to keep them in line...

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Final Fantasy XIV: Update 3.4 Soul Surrender

What was revealed:
– Update 3.4 will be released on September 27. New story, side quests, and the final part of the Alexander raid will be added. Besides, there will be two new trial, and two new dungeons
– Xelphatol and Gubal hard version of the Great Library.
– The PvP gets various changes. There will be custom games, dueling system and spectator mode.
– The Grand Companies will receive a new rank (1st Lieutenant)
– The Gold Saucer also recieves changes.
– Houses apartments and aquariums. And orchestrion will be available to the playlist.
– Players using the controllers can see the new variations in hotbar
– The game will attend TGS 2016
– in patch 3.45 Palace of the Dead Deep Dungeon to get new floors (51 to 200). And the new Anima weapon quests will be added.

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ffxivtips – Ask Dr. NerdLove: Am I Too Ugly To Date?

Hello you electric blue angels of the abyss, and welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the only dating advice column to master the Dim Mat.


This week, we’re talking about what it takes to be more attractive. Is it all about the face? The body? The bank account? Or is there something more to it? What if you’re not good looking at all? Is there any hope for you?

Obviously I’ve got an answer for this, otherwise we’d’ve picked a different question. Let’s do this thing.


Hi Dr. NerdLove.

As someone who is in university I constantly see the most painfully attractive women in my day to day life...

FFXIV Announces Stormblood Expansion: New Jobs, Zones And Battle System [UPDATE] –

FFXIV Stormblood

Final Fantasy XIV is releasing its second major expansion, Stormblood, early Summer 2017. At today’s FFXIV fan fest, Game Director Naoki Yoshida announced Version 4.0 and a variety of coming changes.


Development has already begun on Stormblood, which will primarily take place in the new Ala Mhigo zone. “The main concept is getting Ala Mhigo back into Eorzean control from the Garlean empire,” Yoshida said. Monk will be the main class.

A new zone called Rhalger’s Reach will be the beginning location for the storyline and many “sprawling” new zones will be added as well.

Yoshida announced that new jobs will accompany the expansion’s release, but did not give details...

Mystic knight AND red mage can fit in the ffxiv

If we dont get redmage, and instead mystic knight this time i will be happy, smashing the two together out of bull is dumb. Alisae is using mystic knight and rune fencing, a much more plausible mix than redmage being forced to mystic knight tank

And if done right i will probably fall in love with it, like i did in ff5 and restart tanking. if not a tank ill just dps no loss to me really

what do you define bard or machinist as in this game then? dont think there can be a melee that temoers and supports or is the concept just too far out to even understand, not to mention now both

support but ima dps i swear i just dont get excluded from raids” jobs even fit in your catagpry, or is this still a magical concept that maybe there can be a melee with some range? or is it only the same concept so ...

FFXIV: A Hindsight

Seeing as I won’t be renewing my sub due to discontinued hardware support in 4.X, I felt like writing up a little look back at the things I liked and really didn’t like about a game I spent the better part of half a year of my life on. As both a farewell to a game I enjoyed, and as a way to solidify my intent to move on.

Say what you like about rotations and long GCDs and all that jazz, for my first MMO I think FFXIV did aight. The boss battles were unique and iconic, with varied mechanics and strategies to tackling each one, strategies which rewarded both quick thinking and memorisation/pre-planning. I played a variety of roles between starting in 2.0 and ending here in 3.4. In 2... review coupon code

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It would still be tricky to know which GC is in the lead

That’s possible, but it would still be tricky to know which GC is in the lead. Pre-mades stack the deck, but it’s not like they’re unbeatable and they don’t always play the majority of the weekly matches. SE also doesn’t provide a way for us to monitor current matches or specific players, so we have no way of knowing who is active or when. You could swap GC’s to chase a pre-made (which people already do), but you’d still be rolling the dice on the weekly result.

Regardless, they could get around this problem by splitting rewards between personal incentives as well as FC incentives. If some of the rewards were tied to our FC’s alliance, then it wouldn’t matter how much we swapped around on a personal level. We’d be locked out of those rewards by the end of the week.

Another option is that t...