The idea of rotating the spell functions was presented back at last FanFest Japan

What I remember of it is a guest proposing to Yoshi-P that there could be elemental staves that rotated the spells so that, for example, a BLM could nuke with Blizzard, refresh with Thunder, and DoT with Fire. There might have been elemental resistances involved, and hence the staves being “required” BLM gear, which Yoshi-P would have shot down.

However, if it were 100% glamoury, and didn’t affect gameplay, I would get behind an elemental shift option. If it’s entirely about visuals and not at all about playstyle or different rotations, it would be a fun addition with no mechanical or numerical advantage given to any particular element choice...

FFXIV Hall of Novice – Final Challenge – Gladiator??

Hi!This is officially my first time being in an MMPORG, I’ve always played swordsman characters if I had a choice but not necessarily like this so in short, I’m new to it!The first Raid I did I think we did fine (I HOPE SO) but I also have not completed the Hall of Novice, a tool that’s useful informative wise. I don’t want to be a player that just swings without knowing what I’m doing because that’ll burden other players!

I get so lost at the first part with the Archer continuously getting killed which means I’m not doing the class’ job, and I’m using Flash, trying what I’ve learned to acquire enmity but she still dies at the LEAST in the second section when I have to attract three enemies...

ffxivtips – Kefka confirmed for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

Final Fantasy VI‘s Kefka Palazzo is the latest character heading to Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcade, Square Enix revealed today. During a special broadcast, the company shared some details on the game’s June 30 update, which includes the playable Kefka. He’s the second character to be added from the Chaos, or villain side of the cast.

Dissidia Final Fantasy launched in Japan for arcades back in late November 2015. The game will be exclusive to arcade units for an entire year after the release of the game before it possibly arrives on another platform. In early 2015, the developers mentioned that they are considering making a PlayStation 4 version.

ffxivtips – Looking Forward To It (Episode 11) June 26 2016

After a brief hiatus for E3 2016 madness, the latest episode of our podcast Looking Forward To It talks about the latest developments for various Square Enix titles shown at the event. Join Nova Crystallis staff editor-in-chief Erren Van Duine, senior editor Tony Garsow, Michael Damiani of Easy Allies, and returning guest Mike Dantoni. We chat about Final Fantasy XV‘s stage demo and new media — and run down the list of booth titles such as Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, and more!

Watch or listen via YouTube and Soundcloud below:

ffxivtips – Final Fantasy XV mini-game Justice Monsters Five arrives on smartphones in August

Square Enix has announced that Justice Monsters Five will release on iOS and Android devices in both Japan and the West late this August. A pinball mini-game married with new Final Fantasy monster designs and RPG elements, you can either play it in Final Fantasy XV proper or on the go via your smartphone or tablet. Square Enix also shared that the Windows 10 version would be available in Japan some time in 2016.

Details for North America and Europe haven’t been revealed just yet, so stay tuned to Nova Crystallis for more.

Adventures of Mana out today on PlayStation Vita in North America, Europe on ffxivtips

Several months after Adventures of Mana launched on mobile platforms, Square Enix is finally bringing the PlayStation Vita version of the game West – and it’s available starting today. This news comes following a statement from the developers back in February, who promised they’d be looking into making such a thing happen, although at the time they couldn’t make any specific guarantees.

In celebration of the Mana series’ 25th anniversary, fans can pick up the Vita version of Adventures of Mana through the PlayStation Store for $13.99.

The mobile version of the game as well as Secret of Mana will also be available at a discounted rate. This remastered version of Adventures of Mana offers fans enhanced visuals, revamped menus and a rearranged soundtrack from the game’s original composer...

I Am Setsuna artwork and platform pre-order bonuses revealed on ffxivtips

With its release fast approaching, Square Enix has released new artwork for I Am Setsuna today – detailing some of the additional characters who will be joining Setsuna on her journey, including Aeterna and Nidr.

I Am Setsuna is set to launch on July 19 for both PlayStation 4 and Steam for $39.99. Those who pre-order from PSN will receive two dynamic themes: Kuro – a night-time theme and Shiro, a daytime theme. Additionally, “Eternal Winter,” an exclusive digital track by composer Tomoki Miyoshi, will automatically download to your system on release day. For Steam users, pre-ordering nets you an exclusive music track called “The Warmth of Hope.”

Catch the new artwork, screenshots and a look at the PS4 themes in the gallery below.

My take on Samurai as a tank

Yes, it’s one of those threads again. Hear me out though.

At the moment, there are basically two types of gameplay: healers and everyone else. For the latter, gameplay is “press the buttons in the right order as fast as you can”. With the healer, it’s “wait and watch for the opportune moments to use your abilities. So my idea would be to take that healer mentality of “wait and watch” and apply it to a tank.

And as it happens to be, Samurai works perfectly for that.
The cornerstone of the samurai’s gameplay, much like the ammunition is for Machinist or switching between Astral/Umbral is for Black Mage, would be iaido. Iaido is the art of quickly drawing one’s sword for combat...

I watched the FFXIV flourish at the launch of 2.0

I know thousands of you if not more won’t care to read this wall of text. I know most of you will just say, good riddance or who cares, “goodbye”, or stop being a snowflake, but I felt that if the game that I’ve enjoyed so much is going to become unbearable to even log into, then I might as well make one last thread on these forums.

For those of you who do read this all the way through, no matter what you think, negatively of the post or positively, thank you.

For the first time about a week ago I decided to discuss on the forums about a subject that seemed not to get enough attention, this being the sincere scarcity of worthwhile content and how the formula should be shaken up in order to better the game. I’ll address this later…

First a long rambling about how much I Loved this game


I've been working on other comics not related to FFXIV

I’ve been working on other comics not related to FFXIV

Hello lore-gurus!

As a formal introduction, I like to draw and FFXIV is one of those things. I want to draw a few fancomics. I casually dip into the lore, getting most of my info from the loreforum, since I don’t play games as I used to and I am not the most excellent player that’s there.
My time is limited, as I’ll be going into a really extensive program starting August 28th that will chew up a lot of my time. Might as well hammer what I’ve been aspiring to do now.

idea 1) It’s kind of sad.
Setting: Gridiania
My PC finds out her chocobo has malignant tumours, and goes on a small journey to return the chocobo to the elementals.
-How would I phrase the dialect in Eorzean speak? Please let me know.
-Is this a legitimate thing? I main WHM, and I like the whole elemental shingdig, but wasn’t ...