ffxivtips | Final Fantasy XIV Palace of the Dead update set for Patch 3.45; 200 floors total

One of the latest updates to Final Fantasy XIV brought with it the Deep Dungeon series featuring the Palace of the Dead – a new type of randomly generated dungeon that can be attempted as a group or as a solo player up to 50 floors. Speaking with producer/director Naoki Yoshida at Gamescom last week, we got the latest scoop on what fans can expect going forward.

“As for the current Deep Dungeon, Palace of the Dead, we’ll see the final update during Patch 3.45,” said Yoshida during our interview. “This is because the development team is working on the new Deep Dungeon, which we’re calling Deep Dungeon 2.

“In 3.45 we’ll add 150 more floors to the current one. Currently we have 50 floors so the total will go up to 200...

ffxivtips | Gamescom 2016 video interview with FFXIV director Yoshida; Feast, PvP servers, Fan Fest & more

We had the chance to speak with Naoki Yoshida at Gamescom 2016 about all things Final Fantasy XIV. During our time with the producer/director, we talked about improvements for raid tiers such as Alexander, more floors for the Deep Dungeon, as well as plans for a global Feast and PVP-only servers.

Yoshi-P also shed some light on some of the problems from the last Fan Festival and how his team plans to do better next time.

The video interview we’ve provided above features English and Japanese voice overs, as well as German subtitles. A transcription for English and German users will follow soon.

ffxivtips | Rounding up my favorite moments from Final Fantasy XV’s new footage

Yeah, we’ve all heard the news by now, Final Fantasy XV is getting a delay until November 29th. While we’ll have to wait two more agonizing months until the next numbered title is in our hands, it’s encouraging to know that director Hajime Tabata and the team are taking the time they need to release a game they feel meets the quality standards expected by fans.

Speaking of the team, they were out at this year’s Gamescom, but did not leave empty-handed after the delay announcement. To make amends, a new 50 minute gameplay video of the first three chapters has been released. There’s quite a lot to unpack here in one go, so I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite moments below.

In no particular order:

Warp Strike is as cool as ever

Even back in Ye Olde Versus Days, Noctis’ ability to t...

ffxivtips | Final Fantasy XV’s English voice cast revealed

After months of speculation and a brief look following Kingsglaive‘s ending credits, Square Enix has revealed the official English voice cast for Final Fanatsy XV in a new video. In addition to the main crew, we now know who plays Regis, Luna, Cor, Ardyn and Aranea.

  • Ray Chase (Xenoblade Chronicles X, Killer Instinct) as Noctis
  • Adam Croasdell (Shadow of Mordor, Reign, NCIS, Once Upon a Time) as Ignis
  • Robbie Daymond (Sailor Moon, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan) as Prompto
  • Chris Parson (Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Rango) as Gladio
  • Jim Pirri (Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, The Penguins of Madagascar) as Regis
  • Amy Shiels (Twin Peaks remake, Call of Duty: Black Ops) as Luna
  • Matt Mercer (Overwatch, Resident Evil, Fallout 4) as Cor
  • Darin De Paul (Overwatch, Doom, Star Wars: The Old Repub...

ffxivtips | Here’s what’s inside the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Season Pass

Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal have detailed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided‘s Season Pass, which features a number of in-game items and eventual story content following the game’s launch. The standalone Season Pass retails for $29.99 and comes bundled with the Digital Deluxe Edition available through online stores. Here’s what’s inside:

    Story Missions

  • System Rift – Available this fall.
  • A Criminal Past – Available Early 2017
  • In-Game Items – All available on August 23

  • Assault Pack: Prepare to advance and assault the enemy with a custom skinned Battle Rifle, the Chaff Augmentation, one pack of regular Battle Rifle ammo, one pack of armor piercing Battle Rifle ammo, 2 Frag Grenades, and 2 EMP Grenades.
  • Tactical Pack: Using distance to your advantage, eliminate your targets silently with ...

We’re an Azure Dragoon at the same time as Estinien!

The Azure Dragoon plot point is pretty disappointing… We’re an Azure Dragoon at the same time as Estinien! Why? Who cares! Hopefully 4.0s Job quests touch on that, seeing as we sure as hell aren’t still being chosen by Nidhoggs Eye, although 10g says they just go “Hraesvlgrs Eye chose you in 3.3!” and nothing more is said…

There are a few possibilities as to why Nidhoggs eye picks us, my favorites being he never actually picked any Azure Dragoons, he just noticed them and Ishgard mistook that metaphorical crooked eyebrow to mean Nidhogg chose them… Ratatoskr, in some small sense, still being alive in Ishgard and manifesting most strongly through the Azure Dragoon would be a particularly heartbreaking scenario… Nothing backing that up though, and it doesn’t explain why we’re an Azure Dragoo...

Elezen population in ul’dah

So i was looking back at some 1.0 cutscenes and i noticed a fair amount of elezen npcs in Ul’dah and as soldiers of the immortal flames, yet in 2.0 there is to my knowledge only one unnamed elezen in the goldsmiths guild and one member of the Immortal Flames.

Even in the GC propaganda you can see an Elezen Dark knight (What? this is 1.0 stuff right?) hiding in the fadeover to text.

I think that came about because a lot of the deeper story ideas had not actually been fully worked out in 1.0 (which was kind of symbolic of 1...

ffxivtips | How Final Fantasy XIV Stays Weird

Somehow, Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the best Final Fantasy games in recent memory, thanks to a bunch of winning factors that elevate it from the ranks of MMO dreck to a game that’s worth playing even if you’re by yourself.

One of those factors: It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure, there are crystals and heroes and all of the melancholy things you might expect from an FF game, but Final Fantasy XIV is often just as happy to get weird. Characters in the game will send you on tongue-in-cheek fetch quests, goof around with emotes, and subvert your expectations in some funny ways over the course of the game’s many, many quests and stories.

During an interview at E3 earlier this month, I asked director Naoki “Y...

ffxivtips | Podcast: Final Fantasy XIV Is The Best Final Fantasy In Years

Kirk’s off this week, so today on Kotaku Splitscreen I’m joined by Mike Fahey to talk Final Fantasy XIV, 7th Dragon III Code VFD, and fanservice games. Also: the story of why he wasn’t allowed to go to the Tokyo Game Show.

Originally posted on 7/14/2016.

Seriously, guys, if you’re into JRPGs and have the time/money, Final Fantasy XIV is well worth it. Earlier this week I finished up the last of the post-main story stuff and it gets really, really good. From what I hear, Heavensward’s story is even better, so I’m pretty stoked for that too.


You can listen to today’s episode on iTunes or Google Play, or get it directly on Simplecast right here. (MP3 download here...

ffxivtips – Watch Us Play Final Fantasy XIV's New Dungeon

Today’s Final Fantasy XIV patch opens up the Palace of the Dead, a fascinating new dungeon that has randomized floors and self-contained equipment and leveling systems. Let’s check it out.

Watch Fahey, Cecilia and I take a trip through this new dungeon, seeing how far we can get before Fahey gets stuck in a trap and causes us all to wipe.


You can access the Palace of the Dead after hitting level 17 and getting a quick quest in New Gridania (full patch notes here).