ffxivtips – Meet the cast of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Following its appearance in Japanese magazines this week. Square Enix has gone up with official renders and direct feed images featuring the latest scoop on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Specifically, we’re given a closer look at the Kingsglaive themselves – the royal guard tasked with protecting King Regis Lucis Caelum, given access to the kingdom’s crystal magic.

Nyx Ulric

Nyx is the hero of Kingsglaive, having been saved by King Regis during the war when he was very young. As a result he feels indebted to the king. He’s a skilled fighter with a close affinity to the magic of the royal family.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Lunafreya – or Luna – is an Oracle who speaks with the Gods and is tasked with the purification of the energy in the world...

ffxivtips – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – The Mechanical Apartheid live-action trailer

Square Enix has revealed a new live-action trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided today, focusing on the game’s world and how things have changed since the end of Human Revolution with the fall of the golden era into a “mechanical apartheid.”

We’ve included a short summary and the video below:

In 2027, mechanically-augmented people all over the world suffered from extreme psychotic delusions, lost control of themselves, and started attacking people. Millions died. Hundreds of thousands more were injured and maimed. In the wake of this global catastrophe, society has become divided by hatred, prejudice, and fear, with many countries now enacting harsh laws...

ffxivtips – New screenshots highlight the content of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3

Square Enix has released a brand-new round of screenshots featuring the content of Revenge of the Horde — otherwise known as Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 3.3. You won’t have to wait long to play it — the patch will release on June 7th, 2016.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on Windows PC/Steam, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Mac.

Trial: The Final Steps of Faith (Normal, Extreme)

The Final Steps of Faith – The great steps which marked a journey’s beginning shall now mark its end as the Warrior of Light enters into a final confrontation with the great wyrm Nidhogg. Steel will clash against fang and furious flames. But when the dust settles, only the victor will decide the fate of man, dragon, and the broken bonds that once united them.

Alliance Raid: The Weeping City of Mhach

The Weepin...

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 “Revenge of the Horde” trailer live, out June 7 – ffxivtips.com

In the trailer for Revenge of the Horde, Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward‘s third major post-release content patch, we glimpse the final confrontation in the ongoing Dragonsong War. The continuation of the main scenario will being us to the Final Steps of Faith, where we will square off against the dragon Nidhogg. He has bound the dragoon Estinien and is planning retribution against the citizens of Ishgard with the might of the Dravanian Horde under his command.

Other content coming in Patch 3.3 is a new 24-player alliance raid — a foray into the Weeping City of Mhach, an ancient vestige of a bygone Eorzean era. New dungeons will include Sohr Khai, located deep in Dravanian territory, and Hullbreaker Isle (Hard), where the Maelstrom has converted the locale into something of a training ground...

ffxivtips – Dragon Quest Builders heads West on both PS4 and PS Vita

Just in time to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary, Square Enix has revealed Western release plans for Dragon Quest Builders. The “building adventure” game will arrive in North America and Europe this October on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita – with the latter out digital only.

Unlike traditional Dragon Quest games, Builders focuses on sandbox gameplay combined with a big story that lets players interact with monsters and other iconic characters. The player is tasked with rebuilding Alefgard – a realm destroyed by the ruler of the monsters, the Dragonlord.

The game comes with a host of features including the ability to build a variety of unique tools from materials you gather, and rebuild towns and cities using a simple control scheme...

Let’s Talk About Final Fantasy XIV

It’s Friday, and I’m the only one manning Kotaku today, so naturally we’re going to talk about JRPGs. Or, as the case may be, MMOJRPGs.

First of all, here’s a new trailer for the next update to Final Fantasy XIV, which comes out on June 7:

So much content! Sucks about the whole monthly fee thing, but I’ve been paying for a year now and don’t regret it at all.

I’ve written before about my newly discovered love for FFXIV, which is an excellent game even if you’re playing it by yourself. I love everything about it: the gameplay systems, the music, the world, the dungeons, the Final Fantasy references both big and small.

I finished the main story last week and am now doing all the post-2.0 content, which apparently lasts quite some time...

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ffxivtips | Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 drops in early June, story & dungeon previews live

You won’t have to wait much longer for the newest post-release content patch in Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix reveals today that patch 3.3, called “Revenge of the Horde”, will be out some time in early June.

Continuing the main scenario, we learn that Nidhogg – using the body of the dragoon Estinien – has prepared his dragon hordes for a decisive attack against the people of Ishgard. This patch will mark the final chapter of the Dragonsong War.

Elsewhere, Regula Van Hydrus, legatus of the Garlean Empire’s VIth Legion, has returned to Azys Lla in what appears to be the continuation of the Warring Triad scenario begun in Patch 3.2.

Square Enix also shared images from two new Level 60 dungeons: Sohr Khai and Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)...

ffxivtips | Battle giant monsters in this new Dragon Quest Heroes II footage

The folks over at VJump have posted up another video focusing on the gameplay of Dragon Quest Heroes II. This time we’ve our first look at a battle between giant monsters – which players can control for the first time.

The video showcases a battle between Drakulard and Atlas, with the latter able to take down enemy hordes with ease.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is set to launch in Japan on May 27th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. Square Enix has yet to announce a Western release for the game.